Youth Ministry
Youth Director: Sister Gerri Hover

Sister Gerri Hover

May God Be the Glory for All the Things He has Done and Going to Do in the lives of Mt Moriah's Youth Ministry😇. Church family I have been Blessed to be given the Opportunity of being  Mt.Moriah's New Youth Director I have chosen Sister Mary Peyton as my Assistant together along with our Spirit-filled staff that I would like to call Youth Leadership Mentors and My Spiritual Mentor Sister Scott all whom I deeply respect and admire.

 As we Embark together on this Journey the Vision is already in place "My part is to be Fruitful and Multiply" in the growth of the Youth Ministry. To train up the Children in the way they should go and make a difference in there lives to be productive in Society.  To go out Proclaim there Love for Jesus Christ to the World System in Words and Actions.

Persevere and Glorify God our Lord and Savior. To our Congregation it takes a Tribe.  We are the Blessed and Highly Favored Tribe of Mt Moriah a House on Fire for Our Lord Together there is nothing We cannot Conquer or Achieve. 
Thank You,

Youth Director: Sister Gerri Hover. 
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