Illinois Governor Declares 'Barack Obama Day

Illinois Governor Declares 'Barack Obama Day' - - Gmail



I don't usually response to Facebook  but this one just got under me thin layer of skin*:) happy.  I love President Obama because he inherited a real mess from the Bush administration. He never complained but went to work to try and correct it. Bush did his job he went to Texas and shut up which he should have done because the Clinton administration left the USA in a positive and the Bushes left us in a negative. President Obama and his family were always upstanding and a good representatives for the USA. Now if his skin had been any other color than black you haters would be happy. Get over it. GOLD is not going to make history disappear which is what the Trump Administration is trying to do. PRESIDENT OBAMA HAS MADE HISTORY. A BLACK MAN HAS BEEN THE PRESIDENT FOR 8 YEARS, SLEEP IN THE WHITE HOUSE THAT SLAVE'S BUILT AND NO GOLD IS GOING TO ERASE IT. GET OVER IT WITH THE HATE FOR HIS COLOR AND MOVE ON. THERE ARE MORE ISSUES TO DISCUSS THAN AND EX PRESIDENT. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY NEEDS DEAL WITH THE ONE WHO IS STILL CAMPAIGNING AND DON'T KNOW HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA YET.


Come on Christians we need to get up beware of whats going on and pray.  Just don't sit back and be complacent.  Get in involved because we are in trying times.





  October 2017  
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