February 15, 2017, 9:07 AM

Men Ministry


Ministry to Men - Ministry by Men 

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another"                                   

Proverbs 27:17

Starting the 2nd Saturday in March 2017

Mt. Moriah Missonary Baptist Church will start a Men Minisrty.

This group will meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

We are CALLING ALL MEN's in the name of Jesus Christ to come.

Rev. E. L. Hover

February 8, 2017, 8:54 AM


It is late but my heart is heavy when I see the church I am a member of not growing the way it should. I moved from San Diego, CA with a Pastor who has a vision and we were over 1,500 strong.  Had problems but we supported our Pastor and with his visions we kept growing. We own 10 blocks on both sides of the street (3) daycare center, a nursery school and a educational center from pre K to 8th Grade.  These funds helped to support the church because we were 501.3C.  Our graduates went to the Presbyterian black Church from 9th - 12th.   So I have a few suggestion that might help or go be the wayside.  We just need to do something different without just talking and hashing the same old thing for years that is not going anywhere but in one ear and out the other.  One workshop after another and then it no longer is talked about or implemented.
Mt. Moriah has many Auxiliaries that should be helping to many this 150 Anniversary to succeed.  Are we asking the various Auxiliaries to support some of these repasts with the food donation.  Let's involve the entire church and not just the Anniversary committee members.  
You could put 2 or more Auxiliaries together for the next few repasts and if they fall short then as the committee people we fill in.  You are using the same people on everything.  All programs, all feedings and all things that need new ideas but you are not listening to them.  Hear the people.  They are speaking up by not coming to service.  Involve the whole church in some way so that they might feel a part and needed. 
Ask the Usher Board and Choir to provide for a repast
Ask the Trustees and the Deacon/Deaconess to provide for a repast
Ask the Sunday School/Ministerial staff to provide for a repast
Ask the membership as a whole to do a special donation for the repast if it's not but a dollar on one Sunday.  
You have to make people feel that they are needed for us to grow not wanted just for their financial contributions.  Mt. Moriah has more Seniors Retired on limited income than you do the working class. Tell me how can you get blood out of a turnip when they don't have anymore to gave.  Just a thought from my heart.  I know that the Lord will provide but sometimes we have to look at reality.  Be blessed.  I love you all to and hope I did not upset anyone.  Just food for thoughts.

February 8, 2017, 8:34 AM

Membership growth

I have received many emails and phone calls about my email on Monday evening that was very positive. I was so surprised by the response in a positive manner and I want these persons to know that it is private unless you tell me to published.  *:) happy
How do we grow when we are not actively in the community .  We use to give out clothing to the homeless or needy  that stop. Why can't we feed the homeless once a month or on spciaael holidays? Why can't we do something in the name of Mt. Moriah collectively but not by individual members?   Do some thing in the community to let them know that you are there with no strings attached. This is just one of the many emails I have received since I sent out my concerns.    All I can say because I have no power or answer to the solve the real problem but I believe that if  I and all these warriors keeping pray "God" will Bless Mt. Moriah soon because the people are speaking out by not showing up or joining other churches.  You can't keep living in the past.  This is 2017 and there is a blessing awaiting Mt. Moriah if we just look at the really issue.
I love my Pastor and I love you all but the limbs are breaking and so now the leaves are falling. By that I mean smaller and smaller attendance the people are speaking. Do we wait until the tree fall down from rot.  " God is Good" and we do have  many prayer warriors out there who may not be in prayer meeting at Mt.Moriah but praying for Mt. Moriah.  I am one of them.  Praised the Lords. We are praying that the Lord will step in and do what is needed to grow the membership in His time in this New Year.  
I will share with you and email from several members. See one of the emails from a loyal sister in our church.  Sorry for some of my word usage but I am from the old school*:) happy.  This part "We just need to do something different without just talking and hashing the same old thing for years that is not going anywhere but in one ear and out the other.  One workshop after another and then it no longer is talked about or implemented"
Sorry,  I'm just putting it out there after reading the article. 
Sis. Vickie,
This part "We just need to do something different without just talking and hashing the same old thing for years that is not going anywhere but in one ear and out the other.  One workshop after another and then it no longer is talked about or implemented"
No-one from any committees  have I heard asking  for anything or help with food or supplies. MMMBC makes me and other new people feel like its a closed society of selected people, so we stay away. That's a fact. We talk about the isolation as new people in MMMBC.  Believe me, I tried with the Bible Study. It was soon apparent, although fully supported, that support/or church acquaintances soon ended.  I have been at MMMBC for almost 2 years (next week)  I live in Ocala alone, but no one at my church as ever invited me to have just a cup of coffee.  I's call the sick, missing members, but it's not reciprocated. For 2 years I  have celebrated 4th July,  Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc alone.  It's not like I am anti-social. I am not. But I guess that is the way it is in churches here. Some of the new members have left for that reason , stating the church service needs to be more lively and make its new members feel welcome. I become accustom to it now
Sorry,  I'm just putting it out there after reading the article.
Hi Vickie,
That was very, very good. Blessing to you. Loved it, THANKS.
GM, I joined a church the size of Mt Moriah n 1970 & it is my home church n D.C.) area. I  sometimes Livestream my church & several churches when I'm not n church . All of those churches have grown beyond belief, I often hear pastors/ leadership of the church organizing & citing suggestions, similar/ same as u mentioned to involve all . We  each need to pass this on & remember , this isn't about us, Jesus,died for us,& we need to b thankful & help each other ::our community & pray for all. 
I will continue to get Singles involved..
 heard you!  I have asked the membership to help.  Remember the 5th Sunday Fellowship.  We asked people to bring a covered dish for the fellowship.  It started good in 2006.  Eventually, the contributions gradually decreased.  In order to keep the fellowship going, the committee asked for $5.00 donation to purchase the food.  The culinary committee of three people did most of the cooking.
I have tried to involve young people, but they have so many excuses.  Also, when you ask for help, you are accused of begging.   I have asked for membership involvement, but the laborers are few!  What we need are dedicated people who are willing to do the Lord's work.  Most times when I have to make purchases, I ask the Lord for help!  He always provides!
I wished we had more people willing to help, but anyone who wants to become a part of the planning is welcome.  Membership is always open for all in any activities at the church.  You don't have to wait to be asked.  You can ask yourself.  How can I help?  In Oct. 2015, we needed a council secretary.  I agreed to serve as interim.  We have made announcements, personal contacts, etc. for a secretary.  No volunteers!  I am still interim for council and conference, but I will continue doing the Lord's work as long as he gives me the energy.
We need to talk, so we can present constructive plans for growth.  I have to go keep my grandchildren, now.
You hit the nail on the head from my perspective. No hurt feelings here

January 28, 2016, 12:00 AM

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01-05-2018 at 2:31 AM
Beverly Hargett
I have reached out several times for contact. Iam a descendent of Rev samuel small. I wanted to speak w/someone about his grave site and if any pictures exist. I also wanted to know if any family members are still members of the church. Reach me at 1-609-909-1405. Thank You!
05-16-2017 at 9:57 AM
Gloria Jean Trott
On May 14th , although it was Mother's Day at MMMBC, we were also celebrating it's 150th Anniversary. Many churches have come and gone in 150 years. But Mt. Moriah is standing tall and is still making its presence known in the community. The culmination of it's 150th Anniversary service was memorable. Many family and friends attended. The Pastor, Rev. Dr. L Edwards gave its sermon from Matthew 16: 13-19 that " We have the keys to the kingdom of Heaven" I have attended church all my life. I came to MMMBC in 2015. I have heard many pastor's preach, but only two have made an impact in my life because of the presentation, knowledge and depth of God Word. You cannot leave the service without being refreshed by God's Word.
02-03-2017 at 8:35 AM
Rev. E. L. Hover
Have you been looking for Jesus?
Well, You can find him at Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church every Sunday Morning.
Come, He's waiting for you!!
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Rev. E. L. Hover
Please remember that this Blog is for all of Mt. Moriah Family and Friends. Please let's communicate with one another, share your believes.
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