New Members

New Members Orientation


 The purpose of the New Member's Orientation course is threefold. 

  1. It gives the new member a clear understanding of the significance of the new life in Christ. 
  2. It explains the responsibilities inherited because of the Christian experience. 
  3. It defines what it means to become a member of God's Church. By using God's Word as the final authority, New Member's Orientation also seeks to emphasize the distinction between a true conversion and church, membership.

 The topics discussed in the course are designed to motivate the new member to become an avid student of the Bible and an uncompromising doer of God's Word. 


  1. To help each member understand and reaffirm their conversion experience and their commitment: to Christ and the Church.
  2. To help each member understand and accept the privileges and responsibilities of church membership.
  3. To help each new member become a growing participant in the life and ministry of the Christian fellowship.


Course Outline




1. Purpose of course

2. Course objectives 

CLASS OUTLINE: I. The Conversion Experience

A. The Meaning of Conversion B. The Difference between Conversion and Church Membership

II. Christian Growth

A. Development as Creatures of God B. Christian Maturity 

III. The Meaning of Church Membership

A. The Church B. The Earthly Leadership of the Church

IV. Basic Baptist Beliefs

A. Why Beliefs Matter B. Basic Baptist Beliefs

V. Stewardship

A. Biblical Teaching on Stewardship B. Stewardship of Your Life

VI. The Tithe

A. The Plan of the Tithe B. The Purpose of the Tithe C. The Plea for the Tithe


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who should attend new member's class? 

A. All persons who join the MT. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church are expected
to attend New Members Orientation classes. 

Q. How long are the classes? 

A. There are (3) 45-minute sessions. Classes are held from 10:00 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. each Sunday. 

Q. Where are classes held? 

A. Classes are held in the New Members Orientation class room.