Christian Education

Leader: Reverend Oree McHellon

Our Christian Education Philosophy

Christian Education is a necessary component of the Christian Life. It should be facilitated through consistency and creativity. Jesus, in His final words to the disciples, commands that his followers be primarily concerned with disciple-making.[1] Christ did not appear to be overtaken with the latest church-growth gimmicks. His desire was that the disciples reproduce themselves throughout the world. Far too many churches have moved from the core of Christ’s command to make disciples into the frenzy of adding members. This is not to say that church growth is unimportant. A church that is not growing is dying. Church Growth, however, is more about multiplication than addition. 

Making disciples, although arduous and time-consuming, is achieved in the church through Christian Education. For this reason, we believe Christian Education should not be limited to one avenue of expression. Instead the local church should employ varying means to accomplish discipleship. In fact, because of the socio-educationally diverse nature of most churches, using multiple means simultaneously might best aid the church in making disciples. Although not exhaustive, we envision a church that employs these methods simultaneously:

  • Sunday School
  • Growth Groups
  • Wednesday Bible Class
  • Community/Home Groups
  • Online Courses